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Municipal Utility District (MUD)

Heartland is located within the boundaries of Kaufman County MUDs 9-12 and 14. Texas Commission of Environmental Quality authorized the creation of the Municipal Utility Districts because Heartland is NOT located in a city. The districts are a political subdivision of the State of Texas, and function like a city. 

The undeveloped future phases of Heartland are all located within the districts. The districts will construct and maintain parks, trails, water, sanitary sewer, sewage treatment plants, storm drainage, roads and trash removal for all of Heartland, and only Heartland. In order to provide the cost of construction and maintenance, the state has authorized the district to levy an ad valorem tax (property tax), just as a city would. The current tax rate for the district is $1.00 per $100 of assessed value. Your tax bill should reflect the following taxing entities: Kaufman County, Kaufman County Road & Bridge, Trinity Valley Community College, Crandall ISD, Kaufman County Emergency Service District #7, Kaufman Municipal Utility Districts 9-12 and 14.
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